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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Meeting Abdul Matin at the Philadelphia Contemporary Craft Show 11/13/2016

Today I am thankful that Abdul Matin remembered me from Washington, D.C.! When I finally found the Turquoise Mountain booth, he was surprised to see me. He said, "Nice to see you again, friend!" I told him I practically live around the corner and I was visiting D.C. when I first saw them. He was telling his one friend in Dari (Afghani dialect of Farsi) that I'm a fellow artist and we had met in D.C. (his friend lives in D.C. and translated what Abdul Matin was saying (I could understand a little bit). But, he was so happy to see me and he thanked me again for sending him pictures from the museum in D.C.

After the demonstration, he said I could try making something on the pottery wheel. They all smiled and said, "let's pretend you're a student of Turquoise Mountain in Kabul. This is what we would teach you as a student." I did and didn't do too badly either. I took ceramics in high school and I much prefer the old-fashioned wheel than the electric wheel we used in high school. Abdul Matin's friend took pictures. It was such a fun day!

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