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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Academy of Natural Science's Wild World of Wizarding Weekend

After making my stop at the post office to send off Olli's and Andrew's Christmas gifts (the post office on 15th Street wouldn't send off my foreign cards, said it needed extra postage, she was rather rude about it - I said I'd come back later), I walked to Rittenhouse Square to have lunch before I went to the Academy of Natural Sciences. My little bear friend and I went to Luke's Lobsters; we had a delicious lobster bisque with Maine root beer. It filled our little stomachs.

I finally made it to the Academy of Natural Sciences at 12:30. I had such a great time seeing the butterflies, the live animals, and learning more about the magical world of Harry Potter. I never realized Harry Potter was based on many old folklores and tales. I had a fun afternoon out.

Water colours made from cabbage and vinegar.

Invisible ink... that'll come visible with heat.

Quidditch match between Jessica and Roger Rabbits.

1 comment:

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    It seems like you practically live at museums. I applaud you for taking an interest in the world around you. Mrs. Shady and I would be hanging out at the Academy of Natural Sciences if it was close to us. When I was a boy my family had a large owl mounted on a perch. We kept it in the attic and got it out every Halloween as a spooky decoration. I prefer to be around live animals because I always feel sorry for the stuffed ones.

    Thanks for taking us along on the tour, dear friend Jessica Marie, and have a super week!