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Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Poetic Take About my Foray into Philadelphia and Enjoying the Organ Symphony

Autumn's Rushing(A Cleave)

Let the wind blow you past these shops,
keep going! You don't have time!
Let the reds and oranges guide you. You have time.
Persian beauty salon? Henna?! Why not?!
Carefully open the door. Warmth welcomes you;
come sit down, take your coat off, relax,
rest your weary hands, your eyebrows now waxed--
lay your hands upon the glass, look at your beautiful face:
carefully drawing on your hands, highlight your glow.
The paste is cold. The floral design so beautiful,
as she carefully draws along your pale skin,
the blackness will turn into a crimson, like fire--
she finishes the flowers and smile: a symphony or wedding?
You coo , the intricacies, like royalty listening to music,
let the wind dry your hands and let your beauty shine.

A Symphony
(A Triolet)

Basslines and sopranos dance around my head,
march triumphantly into my ears;
the fierce organist at the keys has led
basslines and sopranos dance around my head.

Now the choir joins suit, their emotions bled,
together the musicians work in harmony, wash away fear--
basslines and sopranos dance around my head,
march valiantly until the end in my ears.


  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I enjoyed your poems. That Persian beauty salon did a fantastic job putting a beautiful henna design on your hand! How long does it last?

    Filling your head and soul with music is a great way to drive out fear, anger or any other unwanted emotion. I use music for that purpose on a daily basis. I envy you for being able to attend so many great live concerts in the Philly area!

    Have a wonderful week, dear friend JM!

    1. Hi, Shady!

      I think it'll last 5-7 days. Maybe shorter, maybe longer. I think it depends on how harsh the soap is one uses. I'm guessing a week.

      I agree. Especially with the election tomorrow, music is a great distraction. I also need to start looking for work in Canada. I'm nervous; I know music will help me.

      Have a wonderful week too, dear friend!