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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Wandering To an Old Stomping Ground and Visiting

Yesterday after I finished work, I took the train into Philadelphia for my 4 PM appointment at the Kawaii Kitty Cafe and 5 PM engaged for Members' Night at the Academy of Natural Sciences. I had to send some Diwali cards to India, but I had a good hour until my appointment at the Kawaii Kitty Cafe. I was right next to the piercing shop I discovered in May 2011 and had 10 piercings done there. I decided I wanted another helix, so I went in.

As I was waiting, it was a blast from the past. The Eagles' Hotel California and Lynyrd Skynyrd's Sweet Home Alabama played. The counter people were rocking out. In between my rocking out, the piercer came out and told me he was disinfecting the room; it'll be ready in five minutes.

Five minutes flew. He called me into the room, sat me in the seat, drew the mark on my ear. He said, "I can see you are a veteran in this process. I don't really have to explain it to you." I laughed and said, "I pretty much know the routine. I know how to care for it. I've been getting pierced since 2009 since my friend did the first helix. She used to be a piercer and was certified for the APP." He asked me the parlor in South Carolina, but I couldn't remember off of the top of my head. I said it was in Greer and her boss was someone named Todd. He then told me to take a deep breath in, deep breath out. I find getting pierced therapeutic - it hurt a little, but it felt good. The rush felt good. As he was piercing me, Drake was playing in the background. It was nice zoning out to Drake.

Afterwards, he was writing down the instructions and I had to get a selfie. He then hopped into the selfie with me. Like all of my other Infinite picture experiences, the piercers are fun and especially so when it comes to pictures.

I love that place. I would recommend Infinite Body Piercing to anyone.

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