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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Thankful Thursday 10/13/2016

On Sunday morning when dad was returning home from the coffee run, he noticed a gift bag waiting by the door. There was a card with my name on it. He handed it to me and I quickly opened the card. It was from my neighbor and the gift was two journals to keep track of my adventures. She always remembers my birthday (in July) and sometimes surprises me at random times. I am thankful for Mrs. Brown and I am thankful that the Browns live down the street from us. A very lovely family I've known since I was in grade school (their youngest son is around my age).

Yesterday I had off from the office for the holiday. I also had time to use, so I used my floating holiday. I went to the library in the morning and all of the morning workers were happy to see me. I'm thankful for my coworkers.

They haven't seen me since I started working in the office last November. After the library, I traveled to Philadelphia Mills (formerly Franklin Mills) Mall to go to FYE to see Sum 41. It was a hike and I sort of missed the FYE in Center City (it closed in August). However, meeting Sum 41 was worth it. I rambled like a fan girl. I've liked them since I was 12, and they were one of the many bands that defined the middle school years. I told them this. They were so nice and they signed my Toronto Blue Jays hat (they're from Ontario). They were a little overjoyed with that one, haha. But, yes, I went there. I'm thankful that they were gracious and I am thankful they were very nice to the fans. It was so neat meeting them and hearing them.

I'm thankful the guy behind me agreed to take pictures with my phone. I'm so glad they allowed pictures! Ah, this moment was so surreal!

What are you thankful for today?

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