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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Kawaii Kitty Cafe

Last Sunday after the race, I wanted to have lunch at the Red Hook Tea and Coffee. I didn't quite make it, as I had brunch at the Hungry Pigeon. The name drew me in. After having the peach Dutch baby and chicken sausage, I was going to go to Red Hook, but then I noticed the Kawaii Kitty Cafe. I went in and learned that one needs an appointment to see the kitties, however, I could order coffee and watch the kitties from the window. I made an appointment for Friday, September 30th and 4 PM.

Here are the pictures I took last Sunday of the kitchen:

I am glad the week went by quickly. I was also glad that it stopped raining and I could walk to South Street without an issue. When I arrived, a family was waiting. The young children were just as excited as I was.

After we ordered our food, we could go in and sit with the cats. What fun and so amazing. I can't put the feelings into words; I'll let my pictures explain.

Kawaii Kitty Cafe is just awesome. I am glad Philadelphia now has a cat cafe and cares for 12 cats at a time.


  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    That Kitty cafe certainly is awesome! I never heard of such a thing. We have a dog restaurant near us which has a section outdoors reserved for dogs and their owners, but I never heard of a place where you eat and visit a group of animals. In recent years I have come to love cats almost as much as dogs and I'm sure I would enjoy spending time in that place. The orange cat you posed with reminds me of the stray orange kitten that took up residence around our house in the early 2000s. It had belonged to a family in our cul–de–sac and they moved away and apparently abandoned it. Mrs. Shady wouldn't allow the kitten in the house so I began caring for it. I gave it food and water every day and bought a carpeted cat igloo on eBay so that my new feline friend would have shelter from the summer heat and the winter cold. Caring for that cat enabled me to stop hating cats and start loving them.

    Thank you for showing me around Philadelphia's Kawaii Kitty Cafe, dear friend Jessica Marie, and have a terrific week ahead!

    1. Hi Shady,

      Awww. I'm so glad you have opened your heart to cats. :) I'm also glad you are caring for some!

      The orange cat reminded me of Nan's old cat. I miss him (and her) so much. I just loved visiting!

      Have a great week ahead!

  2. There's a cat cafe here in Nottingham, too. I've wondered about these sort of places - are the cats in the Kawaii Kitty Cafe happy and well cared for? I'd like to visit one but am just wondering how the cats themselves feel. :)

    1. Andrew,

      In Philadelphia, these cats come from a shelter called PAWS. Most of the cats are adopted, as the cat cafe can only hold 12 at a time. The cats are very well cared for and I am glad most of them do get adopted. :)

    2. That's certainly re-assuring. Thanks, Jessica! :)

    3. You're welcome! I would assume most of the cat cafes work in that way. Doesn't hurt to call the one in Nottingham and ask. :)