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Friday, September 2, 2016

Raw Oysters and Mignonette Sauce

Last Saturday when I was picking up salmon at Wegmans, I noticed they sold raw oysters. I did buy 4 last week, but I froze them by accident over night. I did eat them, but I figured on Friday I would buy more and have them the right way. I went to Wegmans today and bought four Chesapeake oysters from Baltimore and two Pink Ribbon oysters from Long Beach Island, NY. The Pink Ribbon oysters supported breast cancer research.

Mom struggled to open the oysters, dad actually smashed them open. One knife was ruined in the process; while they were good, I concluded it's easier to eat raw oysters already opened in a restaurant. I served the oysters with a mignonette sauce, one of my favorite vinegar sauces. It's super simple to make:

1 tablespoon coarsely ground white or black peppercorns (vary amount according to taste)
1/2 cup white or red wine vinegar
2 tablespoons finely chopped shallots or sweet onions
Salt to taste

Combine all ingredients and chill. Serve with chilled oysters or clams on the half shell.


  1. I've never had oysters, raw or cooked!

  2. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    You would have loved the 1969-71 TV cooking show The Galloping Gourmet. With your love of food and travel I can imagine you hosting a similar show of your own.

    Mrs. Shady loves raw oysters and often orders them in restaurants. Recently, however, she went on a three restaurant losing streak trying to get them. At the first place the server completely forgot to put in her order. We were halfway through our meal by the time the mistake was discovered and Mrs. Shady told him to just forget about them. At the second restaurant she once again was kept waiting a long time. Angry, she finally got up from the table and went in search of the restaurant manager to complain. The manager went to the kitchen to check the status of her order and soon after she had her oysters. At the third restaurant, the daily chalkboard menu on the wall listed half a dozen varieties of raw oysters but, when Mrs. Shady picked one, she was informed that they were completely out of oysters!

    Our hurricane party is over down here and we did not lose power, but our granddaughter at FSU in Tally has no electricity as a result of the storm.

    Enjoy your Labor Day weekend, dear friend JM!