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Monday, September 5, 2016

A Day Out with Christina 9/4/2016

Yesterday Christina and I decided to meet up in Philadelphia. Christina has Sundays off and since the 104 is the only bus from West Chester that runs on Sunday, we decided to meet in Philadelphia. Christina moved to the area from Cleveland back in 2010 when she started college and has never seen the historical landmarks. Both of us are watching money and the historical landmarks are free or inexpensive, so we decided this would be the best time for me to show her around.

I am a member to both the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Academy of Natural Sciences. We were going to go to one of those museums first, but this weekend the Made In America Tour was in town and decided to take her to Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, the Philosophical Museum, and Elfreth's Alley first. Our first stop after hopping off of the Market Frankfurt Line was to the Liberty Bell.

Before Independence Hall, we decided to go into old City Hall.

Sadly, the tickets to Independence Hall were sold out, but we did go to the Philosophical Museum. The display now is Jefferson's relations with the Native Americans. Now that was a neat exhibit - I learned a lot about languages and how Jefferson and many people today are working to preserve the Native American languages. I really enjoyed learning about the Native American culture, as did Christina.

I will admit I squeed when I saw this post-it note on the board of how we learned about Native American history:

Before we went to Elfreth's Alley, we sat in the park to listen to the Signer's Once Upon a Nation Story and watched children get enlisted into the Continental Army.

Elfreth's Alley was the only thing that cost money. It was $5 for a tour, but that wasn't too bad. I always love touring the house, though December when they open all of the homes for holiday at the beginning of December, is my favorite time. However, yesterday was gorgeous and we loved walking around the alley.

Then of course we went to Alyan's for dinner. Christina ordered a zucchini sandwich, I ordered the grilled lamb and couscous. Delicious. Though, I also fell in love with the blanket hanging up and we had to get a selfie in front of the blanket.

We ended our day in Repo Records. I was so excited when I saw they had MeWithoutYou in vinyl, but they couldn't get the CD. I'm not sure if mom's record player still works, so I didn't want to buy the vinyl. I just ordered the CD (used) on Amazon.

I had such an amazing day with Christina and I can't wait to explore more of Philadelphia! We'll continue doing free/inexpensive things and the museums I'm a member of.

I loved the bear display!