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Friday, August 12, 2016

Random Pictures With Asbury Park Visitors

A few weeks ago I bought a magazine called Daphne's Diary, a craft magazine from the UK. I saw it in Barnes & Noble and the "FREE TRAVEL DIARY" caught my attention. I bought Daphne's Diary to fill out the travel diary for my Asbury Park photo album. I finished the diary and I'm going to e-mail Daphne the following photos:

Toward the end of my diary, I posted the pictures of the couple I met while in Asbury Park. The woman's boyfriend overheard me talking to an Asbury Park resident about my camera and after we finished talking he turned to me and said, "You should take some pictures of her. She can be pretty scary." He was joking of course, but I did take pictures. The woman welcomed it and thought it was funny. Then he wanted me to take some silly photos of him. He then said, "can I try taking some pictures of you with your professional camera?" I handed over my camera, he took some pictures and said, "I didn't do as good as you." Still, it was so much fun and I don't think he did that terribly! Some of the ones I took of them were blurry too.

I also had fun shopping. Asbury Park Roastery was good too!


  1. I love the travel diary idea. Your story about the couple is funny. You're a good traveler - open to interesting encounters with friendly strangers.

    1. Thank you! I am glad I spotted Daphne's Diary and I still have to e-mail her.

      I meet many interesting people on my travels. The couple was hilarious, especially since the guy loved making fun of his significant other. Nice people, though.