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Monday, August 22, 2016

Philadelphia Museum of Art Members Ice Cream Social | Rodin Museum | August 21

Last night after Ivette's first birthday party, I trekked in the pouring rain to the Philadelphia Museum of Art Members Ice Cream Social that was held in the Rodin Museum. I had never been in the Rodin Museum before and I am glad I went. The ice cream I had last night was amazing - it was a peaches and cream oatmeal cookie sandwich. I also met some nice people and loved seeing all of Rodin's art work.

I posted this on Facebook: Funny incident last night after the ice cream social. I decided to take the free trolley from the Rodin Museum to the Art Museum since it was pouring. When I hopped on, a father and daughter were sitting and taking pictures. I said hello, they said hello and asked me about Philadelphia. I finally said, "I take it you're from the UK?" The father smiled and said, "YES! London in fact!" Oh man, I had an embarrassing fan girl moment. I exclaimed, "Nice! I love your new mayor! Mayor Khan is great!" I rambled on about Mayor Khan for a good five minutes. They do like him, fortunately, then we talked about London and traveling.

When I was heading home to King of Prussia, this was the view of the sky. It looked gorgeous after the heavy rains. 


  1. Your photo of the sky is beautiful. I am crazy about good art museums, and I don't know if a bad art museum exists.


    1. Thanks, Janie. I'm in agreement with you! I love art museums.