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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Philadelphia 8/13/16

After I left the Academy of Natural Sciences, I walked to Rittenhouse Square to pick up books for a baby birthday party I am attending next Sunday. I had a great time walking around the children's section of Barnes and Noble. I will admit, I love children's books and I have fond memories of the books I read as a child. I also noticed Barnes and Noble had a Grumpy Cat puppet! I ended up buying The Little Grumpy Cat Who Could. It'll be an awful read.

After Barnes and Noble, I took a Lyft to South Street because it was way too hot to walk the 17 blocks... well, the 4 blocks back to Market Street to take the el to 2nd and Market to walk another 4 blocks to South. Last year I went to an Arabic bookstore and bought some Arabic books. He mentioned something about Arabic lessons. Although this was last year, I wanted to speak with him about taking lessons this year. Sadly, when I arrived, the store was closed. Because of the heat, he closed early. Oh well, I will just e-mail him.

I ended the evening with a dinner at Fez, a Moroccan restaurant. It was so good. I had lamb couscous.

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