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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Meeting Adam and Friends

After I returned from the Silverball Arcade Museum, I decided to take a dip in the ocean. The day was very humid and hot, but the water was freezing cold. It was a shock at first, but after I got used to the temperatures it was refreshing. I spent two hours swimming between the waves and beating the rip current.

During a swim break I decided to blow bubbles with the other bubble mix I had. Earlier at the beach I handed my other bubble mix, a handmade mix I bought in Philadelphia a month prior, to a little girl and she tore the stem off. I couldn't get the stem from the bottle and resorted to another mix. I loved seeing bubbles off into the ocean. The bubbles cheered people around me, including little children.

While I was getting ready to take another dip, I saw three men speaking Arabic walk by. I could understand a little of what they were saying. I will admit that I was sort of creepy, but I followed them and eventually struck up a conversation. I started the conversation by asking the one if he could take my picture in front of the waves, then one with him. It opened the door for conversation, we spoke a bit of Arabic and then I met the other friend, Adam.

Adam and I strolled the entirety of the beach while talking. When he finally saw his friends sitting at their beach set up, we went over and they invited me to hang out. They had handmade smoothies and gave me a bottle of the smoothie. It was so good. We hung out for two hours and I’m glad I made some new friends. :)  All three of the guys were very nice and we all had a lot in common. They were all from Morocco, but have been living in North Jersey and work in New York City.

When I went back to my towel, I took another hour swim before heading back to my hotel to get ready for an evening with Jared and his friends.

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