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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Happy Birthday, Moe!

Happy birthday to one of my awesome Arabic teachers, Moe! Okay, maybe he's not officially a teacher, but he is one that helps me a lot. Although we have had ups and downs, I'm glad to have called you a friend for the past six years and it was a blast meeting you in Toronto. Can't wait to see you again!

عيد ميلاد سعيد!
Happy 26th Birthday, Moe!

And in honor of his birthday, here is a poem that somehow didn't make it into As Far As The Eyes Can See. Enjoy!

Everybody Loves the Blue Jays!

I'm glad we're here today, meeting face to face,
messy hair from Toronto's strong April winds--
we laugh despite the wind stealing our breaths,
but the sky is crystal blue with only white clouds,
the rain has held off for our first meeting
and I feel grateful that rain didn't come to fruition.
Yet the wind is so strong, I can only hear him
asking how I liked Toronto, especially High Park,
and of course mentioning that he will visit where I live soon,
but maybe the reason why I can only hear him
and block everyone else out is of my heart's doing;
Toronto is very safe, but I feel even safer with him--
only vendors can manage to disrupt conversation
and cause me to blush, turn my cheeks a rosy red;
he bursts out laughing at the sales man's innuendo--
anything to sell Blue Jays gear for the game
and what's the best way to target a young man and woman?
"Everyone loves BJs!
Get your Blue Jays gear today!"