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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Hanging out with Scott and Andre

Yesterday after I dropped the package I am sending to Adam off at the post office (I sent him a copy of As Far As The Eyes Can See, a few poems, a few travel pieces, and a letter), I saw Andre and Scott driving as I was making my way to the bus station. Scott picked me up and we decided to go to the King of Prussia Mall to see the expansion.

It had been a good six months since I last saw them - on the bus, I was heading home and they were going to a rap battle. It was nice catching up on the way to the mall. We talked about high school, writing, and old stores in the mall we loved to hang out in when we were in high school, that since have closed. There was much laughter.

We couldn't get over how big the mall is now. We all went window shopping and decided to go into Papyrus after Scott and I saw a wall calendar called "Hot Dudes Reading." We giggled and Andre took a photo of us critiquing the calendar. Scott thought this was a great idea and is in the works of making his own calendar of different reading poses.

Before we headed out, we ran into an old friend of mine. She was the girlfriend of my first ex for two years, they broke up, and a few months later he dated me for four months. Needless to say, things didn't end well and this girl and I got into a huge fight. We haven't talked in seven years. She had a baby last month, she was married last year. Surprisingly, she gave me a hug and said, "it's so nice to see you!" I said the same thing, and congratulated her on her brand new daughter. Of course, that wasn't the time for apologizing, but I hope that was a good sign. I might send her a message later - saying it was nice seeing her and her daughter, then extend an apology.

I had such a nice time with Andre and Scott yesterday after work. Although we only hung out for an hour and a half, it was still nice seeing them. We are going to plan a trip to a Lebanese restaurant, at least we talked about it in the car. We'll see!

This is what the extension looks like.


  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I'm happy to see that you hooked up with old friends and reminisced about the years when you were mall rats. I often think about the mall that opened in East York around the time I was age 10 or 12. Shopping malls were a novelty back then and I loved going there. My girlfriend (the future Mrs. Shady #1) and I used to get hot dogs and milkshakes at that mall at a store called The Purple Cow. The walls and ceiling were painted bright purple!

    I definitely think it was a step in the right direction for you to exchange pleasantries with your old "enemy" and it would be generous of you to send her a politely worded follow-up message. It always feels better when you can turn an "enemy" into a friend.

    Thank you for visiting my blog today. I thought you had unfriended me. If you continue to take an interest in what I am doing and visit me regularly I will happily reciprocate.

    Have a wonderful week ahead, dear friend JM!

    1. Hi Shady,

      No, I didn't unfriend you; I've been super busy. I'll have to email you later.

      I'll send her a message later because you are right. :) I'm glad Friday evening went well... I guess we have all matured in 7 years.

      I'll check out your blog this week! I'm going to be taking a break in September, but I'll still read posts. Sorry for my absence!

      Thank you, dear friend, have a great week ahead as well!