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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Free Library Box in Asbury Park

When I was walking to the Stone Pony from Fish (Urban Dining), I passed a free library box. I've always seen these types of libraries posted online, but never saw a library box with my own eyes. I was extremely happy to see this library box (yes, total book nerd here)! I had to leave As Far As The Eyes Can See inside so other people in Asbury Park could read the book. My thinking was, if people read my book, they might like it and check out my other work or buy their own copy.

As I placed the book in the box, a family walked by. They exclaimed seeing the book box, I told them I placed my book in the book, the one woman checked it out and said she would be checking out a copy online (they were visiting and didn't want to take a book). I was so happy and I was so happy for our 15 minute conversation. Hopefully others will check out As Far As The Eyes Can See.

1 comment:

  1. Library boxes are such a great idea. Glad to know you put one to good use.