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Monday, August 8, 2016

Asbury Park Convention Center

The breakfast Hotel Tides served was yogurt and baked goods. I knew I wanted to go elsewhere for breakfast near the board walk. After taking pictures of the beach, I decided to walk to the convention center to see what was housed in there. I had a little croissant and iced coffee at Asbury Park Roastery. It was pretty good.

As I was talking to an Asbury Park resident about my camera and film camera, the couple sitting next to me took interest in my camera. After I was finished talking, the man asked if I could take pictures of his lady friend. Then he had me take pictures of him. He then tried out my camera and took pictures of me, but he said he didn't do as well as I do taking pictures. Very nice couple and a lot of fun.

I ended my visit by buying a rainbow towel and Pusheen keychain at a small store. While I was in the store, I saw Queen Elizabeth solar statues. The owner let me take pictures for Andrew.

I thought the sign of this one store was neat:

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