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Friday, August 19, 2016

Art Museum Wanderings 8/19/2016

Tomorrow I have a major test that will last the whole day; I decided to take a half day from the full time job to relax for tomorrow. I went into Philadelphia and since I am a member to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, I figured that would be relaxing to me. I also decided to have a picnic lunch.

I arrived in Philadelphia at noon and as I waited for the bus to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, I saw this sign hanging up and had a good chuckle:

Fortunately, I didn't have to wait long for the bus. I checked in and verified that the ice cream social I'm attending on Sunday night is indeed being held by the Rodin Museum and not by the Philadelphia Museum of Art (before the ice cream social, I am attending a baby's birthday party in Fairmount Park and will need to take a Lyft to get to the ice cream social). After the check-in, I walked outside and set up for the picnic:

SADLY, a wicked bee had other plans. I had to sit on the bench and I did eat a little bit, but he followed me and I had to go back inside. But, before I went back inside to finish my lunch, I did walk around outside.

Kids engrossed in their Pokemon Go game. 

I ended the day with a guided tour through Embracing the Contemporary. I usually prefer seeing displays on my own, but I learned a lot about contemporary art.

I decided to go to FYE after the Art Museum and before heading home. I'm sad to see that they are closing. :( I didn't find any of Cat Stevens's CDs and I ran into a middle aged man. We were talking and he will be seeing Cat Stevens next month as well. We're both pretty excited, and sad about FYE.

I feel relaxed and I am ready for my test tomorrow. I will be calling it a night at 9:30 since I have to be up at 4:30 AM.

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