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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Secret Life of Bloggers: August 2016

Wow! August has really flown by! While it was not as busy as July, the summer has a way of making things speed up. I look forward to "resting" in September.

August 1

Non-Alcoholic Sangria Tea at Starbucks!

Moroccan chicken!

Saffron rice.

August 4
Sometimes I work on crafts when I'm on hold at work. Asbury Park album.

My pillow for my back.

August 5

Thought these bags were adorable!

My passport photo for passport renewal.

August 6
Preparing for the IELTS...

Cleaned out my drawers and found this autographed ticket from the Ravens cheerleaders. From 2013.

August 9

August 10

Ice cream man spotting.

August 11

Oh, yay! My book came!

But who are these people? Snapfish had to send me a replacement. I'll be making a new album with this book.

August 12
Kelly's last day of work. Our little cubicle group.

The going away luncheon.

Mom braided my hair on the eve of Bug Fest.

August 13
Stray cat looking in the window.

Mimi and the boy had a staring contest.

Firemen investigating City Hall (Philadelphia) as I walk to Bug Fest.

Bug Grub at Bug Fest!

My favorite store. :)


My hair after I took the braid out.

August 14
Made pickles.

For Ivette's birthday party on August 21.

August 14 was mom's birthday!

I had a tuna steak,

One of mom's gifts.

August 15

Went to pick up the Asbury Park film pictures.

A preview of some of the film.

August 19

Sent my French Penpal a birthday card.

Can't wait to see Cat Stevens on September 15!

August 20
Sunrise... before my test.

Drexel Campus

I thought this was neat.

August 21 week in.

Mimi is so cute.

Ivette's party.

Ice cream social.

August 22

Neat street art in Norristown.

August 24
Karen gave me photo albums.

August 26

Beautiful full moon.

Funny conversation in the car.

August 27

Philosophy Club

 August 28
Funny bumper sticker.

August 29
Halloween already?!

Love this face.


August 30

Rocking out. I sent it to Moe as a happy birthday laugh. :D