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Friday, July 1, 2016

The Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party: June 2016

Thursday, June 2

Friday, June 3

I took the 3rd off and decided to watch painting. Mimi decided to watch TV too.

Audubon page turning at the Academy of Natural Sciences.

Went to Devil's Den... had a Shirley Temple and lamb gyro.

Saturday, June 4

Pennypacker Mills' Civil War event.

Thursday, June 9

Our very weird weather - it was cool that morning.

Saturday, June 11

 Monday, June 13

Donated food to the food drive.

Finished my book!

Wednesday, June 15

Thursday, June 16

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Friday, June 17

Yep, I sent a copy of my book and a letter to Mayor Sadiq Khan. I hope he gets it soon and everything is well received!

Saturday, June 18

Monday, June 20
Grumpy Cat shares my sentiment about summer!

Our Strawberry moon we had on the Summer Solstice.

Friday, June 24

Saturday, June 25

Sunday, June 26

Monday, June 27
One of my coworkers brought in basil!

Tuesday, June 28

One of dad's friends shares the same birthday as I do. I made him a card.

Wednesday, June 29

My display... before I took it down for the month. How time flies!


  1. Hmm. You seem so quiet in this entry. I don't know how to interpret many of those images, besides like you smiling. (^_^ Hiii!! *wavewave*) I'd gladly discuss each, I just can't really see what's going on... this has more to do with my own having visual problems right now on a neuro-psych level, than any problems you might have with photography. I have to have intensive and grueling therapy for it.

    So, what is going on in those pictures? I literally cannot see what is in them. I am visually impaired. Please tell me, if you'd like my feedback.

    1. Hi Claire,

      Just tired. I worked 46.5 hours this week between both jobs... so just really tired. Most of my entries nowadays are picture heavy rather than writing heavy because I've been busy.

      Most of the pictures are of the display I put up in the library. The display was of travel photography. Then other images are from the Civil War event, Mimi, and the full moon we had on the summer solstice.

      I hope you feel better!

  2. Oh, that lamb gyro and fries look awesome. Yes, please to them. :)

    Mimi watching TV - so cool when animals do that!

    1. Oh my goodness, Andrew, they were awesome! :)

      I have to see if Mayor Khan has received the package yet. :D

      Mimi watches TV frequently. It's too funny.