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Monday, July 4, 2016

Pre-Birthday Celebration in Philadelphia 7/3/2016

Yesterday mom and I trekked to Philadelphia for a pre-birthday celebration. We wanted to beat the crowds and rain on the fourth (and tonight I have to make shish kabobs for a retirement party tomorrow) and thought the third would be a good day to visit. We were right - the weather was in the low 80s, low humidity, and sunny. When mom and I hopped onto the el, we saw a woman dressed like she was a reenactor for Independence Hall. She agreed to a picture, and mentioned she was going to church. We chatted with her until she hopped off on 30th Street.

Mom and I started our day with a trip to FYE. I bought myself Offspring's Americana and I bought Drake's Views for one of my coworkers (her birthday is the seventh). Both CDs were on sale and I had 20% coming to me for my birthday - I walked out of FYE spending only $17.

After the short subway ride to Lombard-South we walked five blocks down South Street to the Philadelphia Magic Gardens. I visited the Philadelphia Magic Gardens last October - that was the day I forgot my DSLR camera and relied on my old cell phone and polaroid mini camera. I made sure to bring my DSLR camera this time and I brought dad's film camera - I took many pictures with the film camera and when I get them developed I might save those entries for slower days. The Philadelphia Magic Gardens is truly beautiful.

We then walked six blocks to have lunch at Cedars. It was mom's first time eating at Cedars and she enjoyed the food immensely. Next time we go, we're bringing dad.

Cool inflatable dog in front of a pet shop.

Awesome building - where Zipperhead used to be.

I had salmon and potatoes.

We took the mamoul or date cookies to go. Mom wanted ice cream and I had part of my mamoul with my Hagen Das ice cream. I'm saving the rest for tonight after cake.

Mom and I ended our trip at Rittenhouse Square Park. We sat on the bench and relaxed. By that time, at a little after 4, the breeze was blowing. It was nice and cool and relaxing. I took pictures and was glad people let me take pictures of their dogs.

We did stop in Urban Outfitters on the way back to Suburban Station. They didn't have my sizes in what I wanted; I ended up ordering them online and they will be here in a week or so.

I hope everyone has a happy fourth of July! I will post a birthday entry later!

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