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Monday, July 4, 2016

My 27th Birthday | July 4, 2016

Today I celebrated my 27th birthday. It was a pretty laid back besides making the shish kabobs for the retirement party tomorrow. This morning I sat with Mimi outside, took a walk, went shopping and ordered my free Starbucks drink.

I also bought party hats and put one on Mimi. I took two pictures of her, then dad took a few of us together. She wasn't too happy about that.

I then took a walk to Nan's old neighbor's house to thank them for the card they mailed to me. I stayed for an hour, missed Courage the Cowardly Dog (I guess I can always put the DVD on ), but that's okay because I enjoyed catching up with them. Came home and played with the bubbles I bought last week.

Dinner and cake:

Cards I was sent (e-mail and via Wesley's Facebook) and given:

I just love this card Andrew sent me! Still fangirling!

Joyeux anniversaire ! Bisous

Happy Birthday Wesley!
XXX Minako and Magoo the penguin

I feel thankful for everyone today. :) Now I am relaxing since I have both jobs tomorrow. I hope all of my American readers had a great Independence Day.


  1. Well, happy happy happy 27th birthday to you, dear Jessica Marie - "born on the 4th of July" as the old song goes. Shucks, in 5 more years I'll be 72! :) It looks like you had a fine, laid back day doing things you enjoy. I love the shots of Mimi, especially wearing her little red party hat. So cute! That's one of the prettiest birthday cakes I have ever seen! I'll bet it tasted as good as it looked.

    Be thankful for your youth, Jessica Marie, because a lot of us would love to trade places with you. :) You lead a very active and interesting life and have much more ahead of you.

    May your 28th year be filled with good health, happiness and prosperity, dear friend!