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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Meeting Up with Jared and Kari's 29th Birthday Party | July 23, 2016

On Saturday evening I met up with Jared, a friend I met in Wisconsin when I went to a Packers pre-season game in 2012. It was so nice seeing him after four years and it was nice meeting his friends. His one friend, Kari, turned 29 and they were holding a little party for her. Jared said I should come along, gave me where they were meeting and I took a Lyft to this ale house. I had a Diet Coke, they did shots, and we all talked. Jared and I caught up, then I met his four friends. I talked to each of his friends, though I talked to Jared and Jared's friend Joe the most.

We then moved the party to MOGO Taco, which was up the the street. MOGO is a taco restaurant, though it was also Korean fusion. It was so much fun, it was also small and intimate. I ordered a beef taco since I ate before the party, though we all shared food. I had a bite of a burger and some kimche. The kimche was really spicy. Also, there were many parties in the restaurant and we all toasted one another. It was intimate and so friendly. It was awesome how people just celebrated everyone and the environment in the restaurant was warm. I'm also glad the party was small and I made new friends.

Joe lived near the hotel I was staying in, so Ben drove us all back. He had 50 Cent playing and Jared rapped a special birthday song for Kari. The ride back was fun too.

I'm going to write more about this experience at a later date - I'm going to be compiling a journal of my trip to include with the photo album I'm making.

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