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Saturday, July 30, 2016

In Memory of Dr. Niama Williams

Last Tuesday my neighbor broke the news to me that our dear friend Dr. Niama Williams died last Saturday. There isn't an obituary, but there is a fund circulating on her Twitter page for her funeral and expenses.

Dr. Ni was a dear friend of mine and I'm still in shock. I met her in 2010 at the Friends of Black History Month's celebration. She was selling books, we talked about writing, and became great friends. She's been a great inspiration over the years and I will miss her dearly.

Rest easy, Dr. Ni. You are loved and missed.


  1. I'm sorry to hear this and I'm sad that there will be no obituary for her. Dr. Niama Williams was an accomplished woman - it doesn't seem right that she risks being forgotten. :(

    1. Thanks, Andrew.

      I might donate something to her memorial fund. She was living in L.A. and I know L.A. is expensive compared to here - I hope the fund can help.

  2. She must have been a remarkable woman. My deepest sympathy for the