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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Aunt Millie's Going Away Party | March 2006

I've been thinking about pictures I have that I can make albums of. Yesterday while I was at work, I thought back to Aunt Millie's going away party in March 2006. Aunt Millie was shy of 90 at that point (her birthday was May 6) and they decided that she would live with her daughter in Denver. On March 26, 2006, Nan decided to have a party for Aunt Millie.

Aunt Kelly

Aunt Millie and Mary, one of Nan's neighbors.

Aunt Kelly, Aunt Millie, and Nan.

I thought there were more than four pictures, but now that I think back to it... I only took four pictures that day. It was great fun and it was nice seeing the relatives. Sadly, Aunt Millie died in 2009, Aunt Kelly in 2010, then Nan in 2013. I miss them all. Maybe I'll make a family album.


  1. Aunt Millie and Aunt Kelly look alike. Nan seems more as if she was her own person.


    1. Yes, Nan was pretty much her own person. When I worked for the senior center, many people said I reminded them of Nan. Apparently Nan and I have the same personality!


    2. I'm sure that makes you happy.