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Sunday, July 3, 2016


Tomorrow is the day - I can't believe I'll be 27! It feels like yesterday I was turning 26. And stressing out about some things that the age brought.

Today I am going to reminisce back to my 12th birthday party that was on June 23, 2001. While I was looking through our film pictures for pictures from that party, I found photos from the day I was born! Tuesday, July 4, 1989.

It's hard to believe I used to be this tiny baby!

I did manage to find a few photos from my birthday party in 2001. I found three - there are two other photos that are MIA, but we still have the negatives and I am going to get those negatives redeveloped. 

Until 2003, Villanova had a skating rink (ironically, it is now a business park) and often I would go to roller skate. I loved roller skating and I especially loved roller skating to the hits of the late 90s, early 2000s. My friends often had birthday parties at this skating rink and one year I decided to have a party at the rink as well. I invited five of my friends and we had a blast roller skating and singing along to the songs. 

The picture card. I want to get the whole group and me roller skating developed.

Woo often loved gift bags and boxes. He took over.

When we had the film camera, we didn't take pictures of everything. I didn't get my first digital camera until December 2004; before that we do not have pictures from my teen birthdays. However, I still have the cards and I want to show you the card Dianna gave me for my 14th birthday, the note Anna gave me (along with a Lucia CD) for my 15th birthday, and a picture from my 4th birthday.

Mom and I are heading to Philadelphia today! I am bringing the film camera dad lets me borrow and my DSLR camera. I'll try to post pictures tomorrow. Have a great day!

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