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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Taking Selfies with People I Meet on My Travels

I love meeting new people, although I am an introvert. I remember asking German and Austria people I had just met in Germany and Austria if they wanted to get a picture with me after speaking for a good 15 minutes. They happily obliged and a lot of friends and family poked fun of these random photos. They would say, "leave it to Jess to befriend someone she just met and ask for a photograph with them." In the past few years I’ve connected with many people I’ve met while I was traveling and made some lifelong pals that I am grateful to call friends. There is just something special about creating bonds with locals, but also bonds with other people traveling from far and wide. I experienced this quite a bit when I was in Green Bay for a Packers game. I met many fans, not only from all over the country, but some from foreign countries.

I met one of my good friends during my second trip in Green Bay. As portrayed in a few of my poems, the hotel’s shuttle driver introduced Dave and Rich to me one day and we began talking for that day. I didn’t see them for the rest of my time in Green Bay, but was shocked when I ran into them again in Milwaukee on the bus. Rich, Dave, and I spent the rest of the day hanging out—touring the Miller brewery and walking around downtown Milwaukee before they went to a Brewers game. 

I never really thought of this “gift,” as some of my blog commenters call it, until last year when it was brought to my attention from comments on my blog. In the year since those comments, I really see it now. Whenever I am away, I’m always meeting people and making new friends. Canada and Washington, D.C., two new places I’ve traveled to in 2016, were instances of those “gifts” in use. I have a few selfies with people I met; from spiritual places, to a Toronto Blue Jays game, to the World War II monument in Washington, D.C. when someone I met earlier in the day ran into me again, took a picture of me with my phone, we took a selfie together and his father had to get a picture of us together! I find these random moments to be fun and a great way to live life.

He saw me struggling to get a selfie in front of the fountain, so he took a picture of me. I asked him for a selfie, he obliged, and his dad wanted a photo of both of us. Good times. One of Wesley's Facebook friends said: "Selfies are just an excuse for connecting with  a good looking person." :D


  1. Yes! It really is a great gift. It tells alot about you too! You're approachable and nice!

    1. That's true! People are always amazed at the people I meet while traveling. :) Apparently it's a great skill for my full time job as well - connecting with people while I'm on the phone.