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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Meeting Senator Bob Dole/Picnic at the Tidal Basin

When I walked out of the World War II Monument, I was looking to go to the Tidal Basin for a picnic. I brought a picnic lunch because I read picnicking in the Tidal Basin was a must. I had the map, but decided I'd ask one of the veterans I saw for directions. That is when he said to me, "do you know who Bob Dole is?" I shook my head, he smiled: "Okay, good, well he's sitting over there!"

I just had to meet him and get a picture with him! Another woman asked if she could take a picture and Senator Bob Dole obliged. He talked with her, they laughed, and had a great time. He did the same with me. As he agreed to take a picture, he said to me, "I never say no to beautiful women!" It made me blush a bit. Senator Bob Dole was just so kind and it was amazing talking to him. It's amazing to talk to politicians or people I've read in my history books and have learned in history classes throughout the years. I am thankful I had the opportunity to meet the former senator. I will admit I did write a poem about the experience for my book,

After about ten minutes of schmoozing, I had a picnic within the Tidal Basin. The view was beautiful and sitting under the trees provided much needed cool relief from the very hot day. It was nice cooling off in the shade.

I had a fortune cookie in my lunch.

It's hard to believe this trip was three weeks ago! After the Tidal Basin, I met a family fishing; which will be another entry at another time...


  1. That's a special place to meet Senator Dole. He worked very hard to get the World War II Memorial in place. Can you believe he was known as "The Hatchet Man" of the Republican party? He did take on a lot of tough jobs, though. He's so nice that it's hard to think of him as a tough guy. You might like to read his autobiography. He has lived with pain every single day of his life since he was a young soldier who was horribly wounded during WWII. He has always reminded me of my dad.


    1. Really? I never knew that! I will have to see if the library I work for has his book or if it's in the library system. I really want to read it.