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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Meeting Abdul Matin in Washington, D.C.

Before I left for Washington, D.C. I checked the calendar of events. I saw that the Freer Museum was hosting an artist from Saudi Arabia and I wanted to see him. However, I couldn't find the entrance for the Freer Museum and headed to their Middle Eastern/Asian/African art museum. Everything is below ground; I took the stairs down to the third floor below the surface and saw Abdul Matin. Abdul Matin is a potter from Afghanistan. He was in Washington, D.C. for three months showing off his pottery.

I took ceramics for two years in high school. Here is a picture a friend took of me when I was in 12th grade:

Sadly, the picture of me working on the wheel isn't saved anywhere (I am not reactivating my old account). Here is me dressed in my costume in ceramics class - 2007.

Doing things by wheel wasn't my forte, but I loved sculpting by hand. I watched Abdul Matin like a hawk because his art fascinated me. We talked about when I had ceramics and gave me some pointers. After watching and chatting with him for a half an hour, he said I should sign up for some of his classes in either Turkey or Kabul. I laughed and said, "maybe Turkey, we'll see." One of  the security guards said, "see, you might have found a new passion or rekindled an old passion here!" Though, going to Turkey would be awesome and it's a dream of mine to visit.

Anyway, Abdul Matin was nice enough to take a picture with me. I did send him that picture and received a nice reply later that night.

The rest of the exhibit was about artwork in Kabul. It was really neat and learned a lot about their culture. Very pretty.

After I spent an hour and a half inside, I took a walk around the gardens. So pretty.

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