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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

D.C. By Taxi Bike

After I left the art museum, I knew I didn't want to walk the four blocks to the Capitol. No, no, it's not because I am lazy, but it was 90 degrees with high humidity that day. I had already walked a lot already and wanted to take a cab. The driver for the taxi bike saw me and said for $10 he could give me a lift. I said I was sold. He was shocked.

I was shocked too. I normally don't do something like that on a whim, especially by bike. He loaded me into my seat, said I could put on my iPod as he drove to the Capitol. What a thrill! There were a few times where we went between cars and buses, the narrowness took my breath away a little bit. Yet, the wind blowing through my hair and bypassing traffic, it was totally worth it. The driver was extremely nice too.

Here are some views from my ride:

Smithsonian must have had a Star Wars exhibit!

Would you ever be brave enough to take a taxi bike while in D.C.? :)

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