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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party May 2016

Sunday, May 1
Our beautiful bleeding hearts.

Friday, May 6

Wore my brand new shirt to work. :)

Saturday, May 7
I was so happy to see this!

Photo shoot for Mother's Day.

Mom's Gift

Sunday, May 8
Mom took this of me. This will be my author picture.

Mom and I enjoying the Philadelphia Museum of Art for Mother's Day.

Monday, May 9

Tuesday, May 10
Some poetry.

Thursday, May 12
National Haiku Day! And I wrote two!

Saturday, May 14

You lookin' at me?!

Sunday, May 15
Lily of the Valleys are my favorite.

Friday, May 20
Picnic day - my Jays blanket with a plate of fried chicken, rice, collards and a tuna sub.

Burned just a little.

Saturday, May 21

Monday, May 22

Mail and a gift from my pen pal in India!

Friday, May 27
The director let us leave early... so I could catch Courage the Cowardly Dog!

Dinner I made.

Saturday, May 28

Nice sitting area under the tree.

Took a dip in the fountain.

Blog at a later date about this picture. :)

Yep, I met former Senator Bob Dole!

Lunch at the Tidal Basin.

I met Abdul Matin, a potter from Afghanistan. The Sackler Museum had an Afghani Art/Pottery exhibit.

Again, another blog entry later. :)

Monday, May 30

Made lamb. It was weird to make... I have to finish it tonight since it didn't fall off the bone.

Before I baked it.

Baking it... I say it needs another hour. Hope it's good!

Yeah, it's been a busy month! I look forward to finishing As Far As The Eyes Can See on June 3rd!


  1. I THOUGHT THAT WAS BOB DOLE! I'm so excited that you met him. I grew up in Kansas, so he was our senator during most of my childhood. I met him at my elementary school when I was in fifth grade. Many years later, he was the special guest at a party we attended in Maryland. He was still in the senate. As he greeted each person in attendance, I told him when I first met him, and he made a cute joke that implied I was much younger than I really was. He also knew without asking which child was my daughter, which indicated that he was quite observant, because she wasn't standing near me. After he spoke to everyone, he got some cider and came to sit with us. He was so nice, and all eyes were on us became we were "the chosen ones" with whom he hung out. I am not a member of his political party, but I have great admiration for him and all he accomplished after suffering life threatening wounds during World War II. I'm thrilled that you met him. I love your author picture, too.


    1. I was so surprised to see him! Someone asked me if I knew who he was and I said I did. I went over and talked to him for a bit. He told me I was a beautiful young lady. :) He was just so sweet and really nice. I was glad he agreed to take a picture with me and the other people around. I am thinking about writing a poem about this for my book, but would including the picture be legal?