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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Poems About Meeting Friends

I've been writing poems for my book about pen pals / foreign friends I would love to meet some day. Here is one I wrote about hopefully meeting my one bear friend one day:

Meeting Olli in Sweden

In Stockholm, the bright sun peaks from white clouds,
a beautiful day to meet Olli and his humans; once a mysterious shroud.
After a great big bear hug and a hand shake with his rocker man,
our first destination is the Fotografsika museum, we’re all fans
of modern photography, though it is quite obscure and very odd;
I’ve taken so many pictures with little Olli, the fjords and bright sod
outline the backdrop of many of our photographs—I can’t wait to climb,
I’ve even taken pictures with the couple, he is dressed in a neon lime;
Sweden’s landscapes breathtaking and something you’d find in dreams,
from the glass mosaics on surrounding buildings, the sun gleams.

Inside, we are stunned with photographs that span the years,
some of the despairing photographs bring us all to tears—
others are so damning, the indictment on the government seers
from the atrocities of war, murdering of children, everyone’s fears.
Yet, as we stroll along inside the museum, Olli tighter in my arms,
photographs lighten, some confuse us, especially photos of farms;
others we can’t really decipher and we’re left scratching our heads:
must be post-modernism or some sort of –ism, new movements bred
each year not only in Sweden, but the in cities all over the world,
colours mix, black and white blend, human outline forms twirled

until we are released back in Sweden’s bright afternoon,
where we all are amazed and begin to discuss the loons,
cats, animals, humans, and whatever else we have seen—
laughter trailing above the fjords and forests never lean,
what a great day to meet my pen pals and friends,
beautiful scenery, nice weather, my weary spirit on mend
as we stroll to the ABBA museum on sharp cobblestone paths,
and we begin to sing, rather out of key, their songs and laugh.

This is Olli. We've been friends and pen pals since 2011. :) 


  1. I love your Olli poem. How could you not adore him?


    1. I know, right?! Olli is one of my cute bear friends. ^_^ The whole family is awesome - whenever they travel, they send me a postcard. There are some great people online.