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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Meeting Moe | Touring the CN Tower | Eating in the CN Tower (360)

On Friday afternoon after I had lunch I decided to send Moe a WhatsApp message stating I was in town and if he wanted to meet up somewhere. We agreed to meet on Saturday, April 9 at Union Station and we'd decide where to go for lunch once we met. I was super excited to finally meet him face to face after Skyping, Facebooking, writing, and texting for six years. I thought it'd be a good time to make amends from the falling out we had in October.

While I was in Ripley's I received a message from Moe that he'd be a little late.I didn't buy an international data plan, so I relied on WiFi to use my phone. I left the aquarium around 12:30 to meet him; I received the message a little late and hoping he wasn't waiting already. When I arrived to Union Station, I had to get a picture with the penguin that was the mascot for the Canadian Bank.

Fortunately he wasn't there yet, so the message wasn't too late. As I was waiting for him, I met a group of Asian people meeting for the first time - for an anime group. I was getting anxious at this point, anxious that he wouldn't come or I wouldn't find the right place because I found out that people living in the suburbs don't use TTC, they use the GO buses and trains. We all talked for five minutes and they showed me where to go.

Once I found the right area, I only had to wait five minutes until Moe came. When he came, I gave him a big hug and I apologized for what was said. We made amends as we hugged. When we made our way outside, we decided to go to the CN Tower since I had never been there before and we'd have lunch in the restaurant.

Everything was really nice. (I will edit this tomorrow... bad allergy day today and I want to sleep since I came home late last night from DC).


  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I first learned about the CN Tower on another blog and Googled it at the time. What a fabulous view you had as you dined in the sky at the 360 Restaurant which makes a full rotation every 72 minutes! That's my kind of experience!

    Happy Memorial Day, dear friend Jessica!

    1. Hi, Shady!

      Yes, it was an awesome experience! Once I am done my book today, I am going to expand upon this (I caught a little cold and for now I am feeling better). It was amazing to watch Toronto spin around us. We also ordered bison bangers and mash; they were really good! I'd suggest it if you ever find yourself in Toronto.

      Happy Memorial Day, dear friend Shady!

  2. Lovely musings...

    1. Thank you, Marian. :) I will check out your blog as well.