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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Indian Grove Bed & Breakfast | High Park | Toronto

When I first booked my trip for Toronto in December (then I had to postpone it since I lost a job), the first thing Google suggested to me was staying in a bed & breakfast. Indian Grove was highly rated and the fact they had pets sold me. This would be my first time staying in a bed & breakfast and I was excited. Fortunately, when I had to postpone the trip they were friendly about it. When I rebooked the trip in February for April (since I have a two jobs now) I re-booked for Indian Grove.

I was happy to read that they serve a vegetarian breakfast since I don't eat pork for spiritual reasons. They didn't have pictures of the pets, but I was super excited to meet their cat named April. Even the pictures that were posted sold me. I couldn't wait for my first stay in the bed & breakfast.

I'm glad the wait wasn't long at all - the two months flew. When I hopped off of TTC and walked the block to Indian Grove, I was delighted when I saw the quaint Victorian house. Seeing this bed & breakfast was like seeing my dream home for the first time - ever since I was a little girl, I have always wanted to live in a house like this. And now was my opportunity to stay in one!

When I rang the doorbell, I was greeted by Siggy, one of the owners of the bed & breakfast. He was super friendly and welcoming. Then his wife, Margo, came out and introduced themselves. Both were really nice and talkative. Siggy gave me a tour of the house and April greeted me! It was so nice to see April and hold her little tabby self. I played with her some more after I went to my room.

Fendi (Dog) and April
Before I was led upstairs, Siggy explained the layout of Toronto. He said Toronto is easy to get around because Bloor Street goes diagonal and Danforth Avenue goes vertical from the Lake. He wasn't kidding - Toronto was very easy to get around. He also suggested other places I can go on my trip, but thought I had a great itinerary.

He then showed me where we will eat breakfast in the morning. Usually all guests eat together and come together to discuss different topics. Siggy was explaining that a monk or two came to visit a few times and the monks led discussions related to Buddhism. Most guests are tolerant and all topics would be discussed. I was excited to experience a breakfast at Indian Grove - and yes, they only serve breakfast... lunch and dinner are on the guests.

My room! My room was super comfortable and I slept well. I was so happy that they granted my request of having a teddy bear. I had a teddy bear waiting for me. I also relaxed with the fireplace each night. It felt really nice to relax in a comfortable bed with a fireplace going.

I was scheduled to have breakfast at 8 AM and I went down a little before 8. I was the first one there because the other guests weren't scheduled until 8:30 AM. Fortunately, I wasn't finished my breakfast when the husband and wife came down. They were my parents age and they were such nice people! We sat around, had breakfast, drank coffee, and discussed different topics for a good hour. They ranged from helicopter parenting and how my generation raises kids, to accepting things as they are, then homelessness, and comparing America and Canada. Homelessness came up in response to veterans that are homeless; this issue started mostly after the Vietnam War. We were discussing how America has treated their veterans and how Vietnam was handled in general. I knew what they were talking about from what I learned in my history and literature classes. Of course, we discussed lighter topics too. I was telling them about my travels and how I struggled a bit with the loonies and toonies - that's when the topic of silver dollars came up. They were really nice and I enjoyed talking with the couple. My first breakfast was a great experience.

The first morning's breakfast was an omelette. I don't eat eggs because I don't like them. However, I was a gracious guest and I ate the omelette (I won't budge for pork and I will never eat eggs again). I am sure I made a face, but I ate most of it. The second morning, Siggy and Margo said they could make me French Toast. The French Toast was amazing and much better than the omelette. The couple left the following night; the guest this morning was in Toronto from another Canadian Provence (the couple was from a town an hour or so away from Toronto, they were in town visiting their kids) for a race at High Park. The conversations we had were much lighter - it was mostly about travel. She was my mom's age, so we talked about traveling and creativity. Her children had similar personalities to me - they were creative. This lasted a half an hour since she had to get ready for the race and I was going to go to the aquarium.

My experience at Indian Grove was so beautiful and I would recommend staying here if you visit Toronto. It is a bit pricey, but I thought it was a wonderful experience. 


  1. I loved reading this! I want to have a similar experience.

    1. Thank you!I think this is the way I will travel for most of my trips. It's a bit more money, but it was a lot more comfortable than a hotel! It was also friendlier and I met some great people. :)