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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Grand Slam Lune

I decided to rewrite one of the Blue Jays poem. I decided to use the lune form (different than a haiku: 5/3/5 instead of 5/7/5) because that form is so fun. What do you think?

Waving through the air,


our Blue Jays towels

display excitement—

a grand slam,

we’ve got this tonight.

The Home Opener,

three added,

Red Sox left in dust;

Rodgers Center erupts,

cheers echo,

despite the cover

Toronto can hear

not muffled

through starry skyline.

Drake plays much louder,

Hotline Bling,

the crowds grow wilder.

As we sit, hopeful,

All Star year?

Yet the Red Sox bat,

Ortiz’s last year,

someone cheers;

a homerun batted.

C’mon Bautista,

we all scream,

we only need a run!

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