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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Blue Jays's Home Opener 4/8/2016

The game wasn't scheduled to start until a little after 7 PM, but I wanted to leave my bed and breakfast around 4:30 so I could find a place to eat. After meeting an older couple on the TTC and going to the game together, I decided I would just eat within the Rogers Centre. I figured there would be something within the Rogers Centre that would match my dietary needs.

Before we entered the stadium, I noticed this sculpture on one of the buildings. I thought it was neat looking and had to snap a picture.

The couple I met on the TTC mentioned that the night would get down to -3, which is Celsius and not Fahrenheit (yes, I had to do a double take when I arrived in Canada and saw negative temperatures, then remembered the US is the only place that uses Fahrenheit... I was told Celsius is 32 less, times 5/7 of Fahrenheit)... it would be 26.6 degrees Fahrenheit for the game. Since it would be below freezing, the dome would close. I decided to buy a Blue Jays blanket because I figured it would still be cold. I also wanted a blanket - I love my sports blankets!

I also bought a burger at Corktown Burgers, a stand near where I was sitting. The burgers were AMAZING! They tasted hand formed instead of frozen.

I also had amazing seats. I was close to the front, though, when people decided to stand, my short self was blocked. Although the Jays lost by a run, I still had a great time.

Obligatory before the game selfies. :)

Both the American and Canadian National Anthems were played.

I love how they kept playing Drake during the game. It made me giggle like a fan girl.


My hat is too big. The towel I was given before the game made the hat fit perfectly!

I also had my first Tim Horton's! I thought it was amazing!

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