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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Adventures Through High Park

The bed and breakfast where I stayed the three days I was in Toronto was only a five minute walk away from High Park. On Friday morning after breakfast, I decided I would walk to High Park and spend some time exploring. I called mom and dad via Google voice since I didn't have an international data plan;even on wi-fi, I couldn't make calls to Canada or the US... just texts. I spoke to dad for a few minutes, then gathered my DSLR and Polaroid mini cameras. I also brought along the filters for the Polaroid mini camera.

The morning was chilly in Toronto. I put on my gloves and bundled tightly in my North Face jacket. I loved how the park decorates the entrance. I thought it was pretty neat.

I was surprised how remote High Park was when I first entered. High Park has a dog walking trail and I was happy when I saw a guy walking his dog. I asked him about High Park. He explained that if I would have come in a few weeks or in May, High Park would fully be in bloom. Then he went on to point the way to the pond, the zoo, and some other attractions High Park had to offer. We talked for a good fifteen minutes before we parted. I followed the trail straight until I came to the pond.

After spending time sight seeing around the pond, I decided to get back onto the trail to go to the zoo within High Park. I entered the dog walking area and met a gentleman walking his dog. I asked him if I was going the right way to the zoo. We walked to the edge of the zoo together - his dog was so friendly and so was he. He was fun to converse with.

A woman I met when I was walking from the pond and her cute (though muddy) dog.

Dog of the nice gentleman I walked and talked with.

High Park Zoo was amazing. I loved the animals, especially the emus. The emus had attitude and kept moving their heads when I tried taking pictures. I did manage to take quite a few of the beautiful birds.


I love black squirrels. :)

I thought this was a funny sign. :)

Emus with attitude!

Lady walking her Lassie dog. 

Really cool street art I saw on my walk back to the b & b.

Before I left in the afternoon for lunch, I decided to donate a little to the Zoo. If you ever find yourself in Toronto, I would recommend going to the High Park Zoo.


  1. I've never been to Toronto. The park looks like a great place to walk. I've been to Stanley Park in Vancouver a few times and loved it, but that was many years ago. When we lived near Seattle we could take the ferry to British Columbia quite easily. It was fun. I'm glad you had a good time. You deserve good times.


    1. I look forward to seeing the park in full bloom. :) However, despite the cold and bareness, the park was still gorgeous. It was also an amazing walking area.

      Vancouver sounds like a pretty nice city too! One of these days. :) Thank you, Janie.


  2. Hi, Jessica!

    Mrs. Shady and I would enjoy High Park. We both like natural settings with trails to follow on foot and plenty of wildlife to see. You took some great pictures of the ducks, sheep, emus and other animals. Down here we have ostrich, llama and alpaca ranches plus peacocks and, of course, gators and other reptiles, parrots and other subtropical species of birds.

    Thank you for showing us more of the sights you saw in the Toronto area, dear friend JM. Seems like you always meet nice people on your travel adventures, too!

    1. Hi Shady!

      I think you and Mrs.Shady would enjoy High Park! A lot of very nice people, dogs, and animals are there. :) High Park is like Central Park where there is a lot to do, sadly I didn't have time to explore it all because it could take a few days. Next time!

      I love llamas and alpacas! Have you ever heard of Butterfly World? I think it's in Fort Lauderdale. The last time I was in Florida, which was in mid-July, 2004, I accompanied mom on a business trip to her Ft. Lauderdale branch. We went down a day early and went to Butterfly World. It was amazing!

      You're welcome! I've made so many friends on my travels over the years. I'm thankful for everyone I have met.

    2. No, I never heard of Butterfly World but, knowing how much you love to raise them, I can imagine that it is your version of heaven. :) I see it is located in Coconut Creek which is the greater Miami-Lauderdale area.