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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Acceptable Content For LinkedIn?

I published this article on LinkedIn yesterday, Toronto: A Trip of Self Discovery, and it has not generated a lot of reaction. I will admit, I am not quite sure what is acceptable to post on LinkedIn and what is a faux pas. One of my friends once posted an angry update about how he hated seeing food posts because it reminded him of Facebook. I did reply to him: "Well, there are chefs and foodies that use this site and the point of LinkedIn is to showcase our skills. It makes sense as to why chefs, foodies, and writers would post food posts." He agreed and I made an aside that I could tag him in food posts if I ever made any. He liked the idea and I ended up posting one, which I tagged him in (he tried the dish and loved it).

I am a writer. I am also an amateur travel writer. Most of the things I post have to relate to my writing, and the lessons I've learned on trips. I try to relate these lessons in a business sense as well. I see former writing professors post their poetry. I just hope I don't offend people with my travel writing; I hope I didn't offend people with this article. What are your thoughts on LinkedIn? What do you think are acceptable pieces to publish?


  1. Isn't linked in like facebook but for professionals? I'd say it's perfectly fine to post articles for travel writing if that's something you would like to do professionally.

    1. Hi Mich,

      Pretty much. I think you're right - I do want to break into travel writing and I try to focus on that. I also tend to focus on my writing in general since I am a writer.

  2. I don't use LinkedIn but Mich's comment above makes sense; sounds as though it should be okay if it's related to your field.