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Sunday, May 22, 2016

ABCs of a Blue Jays Game

This will be featured in As Far As The Eyes Can See, but this abecedarian poem sums up the Blues Jays game. Once I am done my book I will write more about this very fun night. :D

ABCs of a Blue Jays Game

A great night for baseball—
Blue Jays are up by five runs;
cheering for our boys, but they struck out—
David Ortiz to the base, his last year,
erupting of surprise cheering in front of us;
furious boyfriend threatening relations tonight:
“how dare you cheer for another team!”
I giggle along with the woman next to me,
“Jessica,” I extend my hand and we chat,
knocked out of the ballpark—“son of a bitch!”
leading by a run now, my new friend and I
make conversation about Drake—
new music by him in the distance,
offering distraction to the Red Sox?
Probably! If I want to see Drake and give him a hug,
Raptors are next door! The curse of two games at the same time!
Selfie time! My new friend and I pose; a smile replaces a frown.
Though the Jays are down one run, Bautista at bat,
ushers and fans wave the blue towels we were given upon entrance,
vying to make the Red Sox lose, the Jays have to keep their title!
We end up losing at the end, by a run, but not without a fight,
xeorxed programs thrown in the stands,
yet despite the loss, I had a great time cheering and singing,
zany memories, new friends, and seeing the beloved Jays!

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