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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Visiting Philadelphia, Four Days Before Toronto

Yesterday I trekked into Philadelphia to see Super Hero weekend, which was held by the Academy of Natural Sciences. I also wanted to pick up and do some last minute things before my Toronto trip on April 7th (I can't believe it's three days away!).

Dad and I left the house at 8:10 AM because I was planning on catching the 8:30 P & W (err, high speed line... it was called the P & W in the 40's, 50's, and 60's, maybe 70's and 80's too) because I knew I'd miss the 8:16 AM train. Dad pulled into the parking lot at 8:18 and the 8:16 train pulled up. I was in the car with dad and I didn't think the train would wait. To my surprise, the driver saw me and waited for me. I ran down the steps and thanked him for waiting for me. I was so happy and grateful for his kindness.

I arrived to Center City at around 9 AM. I decided I'd go to Walgreens first to pick up my deodorant and soap for Toronto. I'm happy that the bed & breakfast will be supplying shampoo and conditioner - I don't have to worry about packing that. My dentist gives out toothpaste samples, so I will be bringing two small tubes of toothpaste. As I was picking up the soap, a woman was standing beside me looking at travel sized shampoos for her trip. We started talking about travel and I told her I was going to Toronto. She said it was a great city and I will have such a great time. We talked for a good ten minutes.

I still had a good half an hour to kill after Walgreens. I went to this halal food cart for breakfast because that carts always have good food and later on I'd be eating at a Pakistani/Indian restaurant that one of my library co-worker's uncles own. Apparently last Tuesday was diversity day at the high school and she brought some food in from the restaurant. Her family owns four restaurants. I told her I would check out one of them when I was in Philadelphia. I wasn't sure how much it would cost, so I wanted a cheaper option for breakfast. Food carts are those cheaper options. I talked to the guy briefly, but not too much like the last time since our conversation in Arabic caused my bagel to be burnt a bit. I ordered a turkey sausage and cheese sandwich. It was good and I should write a poem about those food cart experiences.

After eating, it was time for the Academy of Natural Sciences. Amazing, amazing day. I will post the pictures only.

Tarantula Jess!

Part of the Tarantulas exhibit.

Device to test our super human strength.

I won the contest for the strongest female!

Tarantula and its web.

I left the Academy at around 1:30 and headed to South Street. I wanted to change my nose jewelry up a little for Toronto. About four years ago I bought a nose ring from Hot Topic and put it in. I didn't realize it was a magnetic nose ring and it didn't go through my nose all the way. When I removed it a month later, in May 2012, the hole had partially closed. I had to repierce my nose and had kept studs in since. I've always loved rings and I wanted to have a nose ring for Toronto instead of a stud. I went to Infinite because that is my preferred place to get pierced and buy jewelry. I asked them if I could buy a simple nose ring and if it could be inserted. Inserts are free, I only had to pay for the jewelry. I picked out a silver nose ring that was $10.

When I went into the room, I was told to lay down so the nose ring could be inserted. I loved the picture they had hanging on the ceiling. It was of a cat saying, "focus on me and relax." It made me smile. I'm a small person and have a small nose. The standard ring size was a bit too big, so he had to get a smaller size. I bought a seemless ring without the little ball to hold it together. It didn't hurt inserting it because jewelry doesn't hurt when inserting. However, since my nose is so small, to close the seem was a bit hard for him and he caught my skin a few times. I'm happy with the result,though, and it'll look great for Toronto.

When I get back, I will have a stud re-inserted. I saw a stud I loved and I will ask them how much it is. Their website doesn't have the product listed, but here is a picture that is sort of similar. The one Infinite has is a moon and then a jewel next to the moon (and it's a straight post - I don't wear fish hook studs anymore).

Afterwards I traveled to the Desi Chaat House, one of the restaurants my co-worker's family owns. I took a bus to University City, then a trolley to Baltimore Avenue. I was a bit nervous because I know West Philadelphia can be bad. However, this area was really nice and really safe. I felt comfortable. The food was also really good and affordable, I paid only $10 for dinner. I would definitely go back!

I had such a fun day. I also worked on poetry while I was out and about for the day. I feel like I accomplished so much yesterday. I picked up what I needed for Toronto and before I went home, I stopped off at the Head Nut to get candy for the flight.

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