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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thankful Thursday 4/21/2016

Today has been a bad allergy day and I am not going to have a long post since my throat has been scratchy all day. I'm thankful for the NaPoWriMo groups I joined this month, the inspiration from my Canada trip, and the cheerleading from these groups and my friends. Someone who works in another department for the full time company heard I was self-publishing a book. Every time he sees me, he asks how it's going and if it's done yet. He keeps me on the end of May deadline. I'm thankful for people like that.

Today I did write some poems, but they're not really that great since I am not feeling 100%. I am using a music theme... I wrote about different Drake incidents at the Blue Jays home opener. When I am feeling better, I will rewrite them.

Cheering erupts to the sound of Drake’s Hotline Bling,
no, it’s not the crooning of “call me on my cellphone”
or the dance moves that created memes to make blogs ring—
confetti flies around the stadium and I see a man run across,
the video starts playing, Donaldson’s career and now MVP status;
blue towels we were given at the entrance—wave and toss:
cheering as Donaldson, the man I saw run, keeps beat with Drake,
his Louisville slugger swinging in his hand, he takes the bases
to accept his award at the finish, it looks like flames take
with the speed around first, second, then third, the moment proud
as he lifts up his medal, poses for the cameras, then smiles:
this is the moment we all waited for—“play ball!” is shouted too loud.


We’re down by a run before the seventh inning stretch,
our boys look tired, but what do I hear in the background?
0 to 100? The beat to 0 to 100? Drake should pep anyone up!
As Bautista takes to the plate, bases loaded, the beat is louder,
bass rocks the bases, Bautista positions himself for a homerun,
or we could hope, yet I am excited about the background music;
I squeal to my new friend next to me: “I just love Drake and it’s great
that he’s being played a lot now. Is this typical of every game?”
She just laughs and says, “Yep, he’s important in Toronto!”
“Oh, I have a secret guilty pleasure for Drake,” the beat ramps up,
Bautista misses the first curve ball thrown by a Red Sock:
she laughs at me: “you came to the right place, then! 
You’ll hear a lot of Drake in Toronto!” My smile grows,
I banter on how I want to meet him, how I could do such a thing,
if the Raptors were playing earlier, he’s the ambassador,
as we went back and forth, Bautista strikes out, we all whine
and Drake’s 0 to 100 comes to a crushing halt.

What are you thankful for today?

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