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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thankful Thursday 4/14/2016

Happy Thursday everyone! I'm back home from an awesome weekend in Toronto. I came home Sunday night, but you probably could tell that since I've been posting NaPoWriMo catch-ups and prompts. I feel rejuvenated and I feel great. I am thankful for this trip and I'm thankful for all of the people I met while in Toronto. I met a lot of really great people and made some new friends. I'm also thankful that Moe agreed to meet up with me last minute. It was really awesome meeting him face to face after six years of chatting and Skyping (Andrew is the next person I'd like to meet face to face). I feel grateful for my life.

Last Thursday when I arrived in Toronto, the bed & breakfast honored my request and I had a bear waiting for me. It made me feel so happy. I slept with the bear a few nights because I will admit at 26 I still love bears. It was just awesome. The bed & breakfast was great, the owners were super nice and I loved eating a homemade breakfast with the other guests. It was just a great experience.

For today's NaPoWriMo prompt, I wrote two poems about the night I arrived. The prompt is as followed:

And last but not least, our (optional) prompt! Today’s prompt comes to us from TJ Kearney, who invites us to try a seven-line poem called a san san, which means “three three” in Chinese (It’s also a term of art in the game Go). The san san has some things in common with the tritina, including repetition and rhyme. In particular, the san san repeats, three times, each of three terms or images. The seven lines rhyme in the pattern a-b-c-a-b-d-c-d.
Here’s an example san san from TJ’s blog, Bag of Anything:
Drinking the driven storm, the sturdy apple
Dances, between sky and earth, her spring-young leaves.
Knowing no purpose, knowing only season,
Her spring-young leaves, storm-driven, dapple
Earth and sky; all that my eye perceives
Dances. My eye drinks in the apple’s spring-
Young leaves, her dance that has no reason:
Only the storm, driving each dappled thing.
As you can see, three images or terms are repeated: the driven storm; the spring-young leaves; the dance, and the seven lines rhyme per the pattern given above. I hope you have fun giving the san san a try.
Happy writing!
P.S. — Some of you have pointed out that the san san has eight lines. Yes, you are right! And now you know one of the reasons I became a poet . . . because I am terrible at math!
Fire For a Tired Traveler

Dancing along the white walls, the yellow-orange flames
warm the empty spaces between the door and bed—
their only purpose is to warm those in the bed and heal
a weary traveler, the yellow-orange flames now tamed:
tucked in beneath the quilt, her eyes on empty spaces like lead;
grunge music playing, warm those in bed with head to the pillow,
in the warm empty spaces, tomorrow she will pray and kneel:
not only the yellow-orange flames dance under the white willow.

The Teddy Bear

She sits next to the pond watching the children fish
as they giggle at the wriggling coy and white clouds,
their reflections landscape the crystal clear pond.
As the door slams, the children quit fishing and her wish
for a room that is now out of a stark white shroud,
that the new guest, happy and clear, snuggles her at night
after telling her friends, with giggles, she met the boy she is fond
of, I sit next to her watching her glow since everything is all right.

I'm also thankful that Christina is taking me to a concert this Saturday. It's been two years since I've last seen her and I'm excited! What are you thankful for?

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