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Saturday, April 30, 2016

NaPoWriMo Day #30: Goodbye

Write a poem about coming to the end of something... life, your bowl of ice cream, or anything in between.

After my last prayer is memorized and said,
I untuck my pillow from the quilt, fluff;
for the past few weeks it has missed my head
and while most lodges are comfortable and cozy,
I've missed my own sheets and pillows,
Pikachu and Mimi snuggling me or being nosy.
Now I lay me down to sleep and let my thyroid rest,
dream of my next adventure, whether to Dubai,
the UAE, Norway, Japan, Turkey, somewhere with zest.
Meeting new people and making new memories,
walking the streets, the cities coming alive
in lights from their skylines, emanating from emery
sidewalks and streets. Or getting lost in trees,
the jungles with all of the animals and fruit,
though the stars would look best after a desert breeze;
but for tonight, they hang over my bed as I dream
and rest my body from all that I learned so far,
the stories, the laughter, and memories beam.

I'm thinking of using this poem to end my book. Thoughts?


  1. Hi, dear Jessica Marie!

    That's a wonderful poem written by you, the weary traveler. I am amazed how much territory you cover in a single year, far more, quite frankly, than I have in my entire 66 years. No matter how far away you roam, there's no place like home and your own comfy bed and pillow, your friends, your family and your kitty cat.

    Thank you for commenting on Margaret's second b-day post, Jessica. Daughter Kathleen has been babysitting my blog again this week and she should be along to reply to your comment when she can break away from the round the clock care of Margaret. Again I thank you for helping make Margaret's 104th birthday extra special!

    1. Hi Shady,

      I have hypothyroidism and while I am not as bad as some other sufferers, I do get tired from time to time and have to really relax after travel. I was trying to write a poem based on that since my ending will be the ending to NaPoWriMo 2015. This will be before the ending. :)

      You're welcome! 104 is a milestone and I think it's wonderful when someone can reach it. I hope Margaret is well; I'm glad she also has Kathleen. That is very important. :)

      I posted my Secret Life. I'm about to go to bed... still recovering from a cold and allergies. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, dear Shady!