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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

NaPoWriMo Day #27: A Letter to Lynda

Finally, our prompt (optional, as always!) Today’s prompt comes to us from Megan Pattie, who points us to the work of the Irish poet Ciaran Carson, who increasingly writes using very long lines. Carson has stated that his lines are (partly) based on the seventeen syllables of the haiku, and that he strives to achieve the clarity of the haiku in each line. So today, Megan and I collectively challenge you to write a poem with very long lines. You can aim for seventeen syllables, but that’s just a rough guide. If you’re having trouble buying into the concept of long lines, maybe this essay on Whitman’s infamously leggy verse will convince you of their merits. Happy writing!

Here is a long line poem in the form of a letter to the late Lynda, a pen pal I had from The news shocked me today because I was going to send her a postcard from Canada attached with a letter once I sat down to write them. I'm still going to send the letter and postcard - with a sympathy card to her family.

"Be sure to write down all of your adventures and to take a lot of pictures," her letter beams,
in the few months pf writing one another, her life in Sugar Land, Texas - her husband,
grandson, and her living the dream of the writing life mixed with the arts:
my unsettled life, working to save up for a move and my long list of dreams I want to accomplish,
yet in the forty year differences, she gave me advice, bonding on writing and traveling.
"I want this one," I said to the clerk in Toronto, pointing to the hand drawn map of Canada,
the Canadian flag, a moose - the perfect postcard to send to my vibrant friend,
to make her feel better, to forget about her ailment temporarily.
Along with the digital print outs and Polaroids I took to send to people, the letter scrawled:
I had a wonderful time in Toronto! I met a lot of very friendly people and made new friends.
I made so many wonderful memories in the three days
and the Blue Jays game was amazing, though they lost by a run. I tried Tim Hortons for the first time.
I just loved the bed and breakfast; the owners were a lovely Polish couple and very welcoming.
The people I ate breakfast with in the morning were very nice and there were many interesting conversations.
I had a fireplace in my room and I curled up next to it every night. They also had a cat and dog-
April, the cat, was so lovable and I loved petting her. Fendi, the dog, was lovable too.
You would love Toronto, you have to check out at some point. I hope you enjoy the pictures!
However when I woke up this morning, the wind whipping around my house, trees tapping windows,
before I could attach the stamp to the envelope with your letters and pictures;
an angel with fresh wings was watching me through the whole trip. Yet, I am in shock.
As I walk to the mailbox, I place the package in for the mailman to deliver cheer to her family.

I am thinking of putting this letter into my book. Thoughts?

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