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Saturday, April 23, 2016

NaPoWriMo Day #22: Earth Day Poem - a Tribute to High Park

A Tribute to High Park

The sun shines through barren trees, a muddy path;
Puppy! please stay by my side, yea,
as we show this nice young lady the way
to the High Park Zoo, I knew there would be no wrath.
The golden retriever was covered in black mud,
owner and I laugh, our shoes are covered too;
conversations around us so jovial despite hands so blue;
like Philly, Toronto's temperatures have taken a thud;
blossoms retreating back into their slumbering bud,
Toronto looks like winter, but personalities like spring.
Yet despite the bare trees, the pond delights
with mallards,swans, and geese all in sight:
over the hills dog, man and I part as the zoo calls
in cheerful godliness; and I hear my heart sing
in rhythms so fast they fly and then fall.

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