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Sunday, April 17, 2016

NaPoWriMo Day #17

Welcome back to today's round of NaPoWriMo. For Day #17 there was a fun prompt today:

And now for our prompt (optional, as always). Today, I challenge you to find, either on your shelves or online, a specialized dictionary. This could be, for example, a dictionary of nautical terms, or woodworking terms, or geology terms. Anything, really, so long as it’s not a standard dictionary! Now write a poem that incorporates at least ten words from your specialized source. Happy writing!

I decided to look up music dictionaries. Here is the poem I came up with. Last night I met up with Christina in Philadelphia to see Underoath, a heavy metal band from Florida. It was so much fun! Underoath and their opening band, Caspian, were awesome.

The Call Before a Performance

Like an adhan,
a double flat calls
from the stained glass windows;
their catgut must be tuned too low,
a perfect heavy metal pitch!
Like Mayhem, turn the bass down to E flat,
pentatonic scale droning into the sky,
this concert hall shakes
and like pilgrims we flock outside
coming before sunset,
sun beating down on us
as we wait in line- much like college
before going to the Note
to see Aaron Carter or Orgy,
but this is not West Chester:
weird stories, abandoned buildings,
but what is West Chester even like now
without the Note, Philly the hot spot;
Lobgesang now calling.
"It's going to be loud," I smile to Christina,
"hell yeah," she smiles back -
it's going to be a fun, loud night.
Guitars and drums now join in;
a phygian cadence as we continue to talk
as the hot sun beats down on us:
and with the heavy metal adhan,
we fall to the ground stentando,
long pause before the performance;
power chords,
8 bar blue scales,
we come alive.


  1. Wow!
    I think you meant a phrygian cadence. (Without that one consonant it is meaningless.) This is the Bach flowering around that mode that Wiki mentioned and this MalagueƱa uses it, too.

    Thank you for calling my attention to what you created. ^^ I must be resting now, for my throat is a bit sore from the kind of singing I was doing with Mattsu-kun earlier this weekend. (He invited me back over Wednesday evening into Thursday, as long as I had ramen.)

    Sleep well, Jessica~!

    1. Thanks, Claire, I will change that! A lot of those terms were new to me!

      Feel better and rest up as well.Sleep tight, Claire!

  2. It sounds like a you had a blast in Toronto! I am so glad to see you are still traveling :)
    And of course, I love to see all those poems of yours!

    1. I so did! I loved it there and want to go back! Yes, traveling is so much fun and it's great to just meet new people. As long as I am earning money and also saving, I travel. :)

      Thank you! I'm going to be self-publishing these poems (and others) come May. I'm shooting for mid-May. After I'm finished that, I might make a Toronto photo book. Similar to what I did for NYC.

      Hope you're well!