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Monday, March 14, 2016

Turkish Cat

In 2014 my little cousin went to Turkey. I absolutely love the pictures she took and said I could use a picture or two of her travels for my book. Back in October I wrote this one poem about a cat she met on her Turkish travels. (I swore I wrote another poem - I'll be searching for it.)

The Turkish Cat

His fur, I said, is a soft black and brown,
he must be loved and travels around town
from mosque to church to homes to the sea.
He comes willingly to townspeople and to me,
lighting our faces pink, erasing frowns.
The cat sat himself upon the feathered-down
pillow and began to purr, whiskers wound,
we all began to scratch his head and belly—
his fur, I said, is a soft black and brown,

"mew," he looks up at me, his eyes drown
the sights around me - he wants to trounce
from the pillow to the heavenly trees,
perched above Istanbul's skyline, see
ships sail in, caravans of people, furrowed brow—
his fur, I said, raised black and brown.

This poem will be going into the section of poetry of places I'd love to visit. Turkey is one country I'd love to visit, Dubai is another one, as well as Norway and Japan. With that said, Ankara is my thoughts and prayers. I am hoping peace comes soon among all of us. 


  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I would love to visit Turkey, too, and Dubai, Norway, Finland and Iceland. I enjoyed your poem about the Turkish cat. You always paint vivid pictures with your words!

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM!

    1. Thank you, Shady! I will be working on my book soon. :)

      In 10th grade I taught myself Norwegian and German. I don't really remember much of the Norwegian because I took German in school the next year. I still have the Norwegian book sandwiched in between my Arabic, German, and French books. My goal has always been to learn as many languages as humanly possible, but these days I focus mostly on keeping up with Arabic (and some German).

      Enjoy the rest of your week too dear friend, Shady!