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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party: March 2016

Welcome to the March edition of The Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party! It has been a busy month between writing, working, traveling in Philadelphia, and planning for Toronto.

Thursday, March 3

Friday, March 4

Member's Lounge at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Writing postcards

Meeting Layla and Omnia Hegazy. Amazing!

Talking to a mother and her son about playing the guitar.

Saturday, March 5

Pancake Breakfast at the Sapsucker Festival at Mill Grove.

I love Sammy!

The Schuylkill River and geese.

Closer up of Sammy. I have some poems about him for As Far As The Eyes Can See...

Monday, March 7

Happy 28th birthday, Anna!
This is a throwback from 2005, from the first time I visited her in South Carolina. She is with Ritchie and Ruby.

Wednesday, March 9

Really hot today. Had my hair in pigtails before a walk.

According to Weather Whiskers, our weather was comparable to Jeddah and Dubai's weather. Crazy for this time of year for us!

Saturday, March 12

Ghost is moving!

#Goals. I bought this to help me study with my other textbooks.

Academy of Natural Sciences!

Thought this was cool.

Friday, March 18

Things are starting to bloom. On my walk.

Saturday, March 19

Mimi curled up with a good book.

Crashed out.

Sunday, March 20

Happiness is...
...Almond milk someone reached for you and Matzoh with Apple Sauce.

Tuesday, March 22

On my walk,,,

Thursday, March 24

As I left my house to go to the bus.

At the bus stop. Gorgeous moon!

Friday, March 25

Lil Bub pin came in just for me!

Saturday, March 26

Wrote a shopping list on an app I have. My handwriting is terrible by finger.

Went to Famous Dave's.

Sunday, March 27

We went to my aunt's and were welcomed by her pets.

Monday, March 28


  1. Love the shots from 3/28 especially. Not too many flowers here just yet.

    1. Thank you! I'm amazed at how early everything is! It's been warm here. I guess Toronto probably won't have too many flowers when I go next week.

  2. I'd love to sleep the way cats do.


    1. Me too! They're just so cute when they sleep too!


  3. Are those yellow things on the 27th peeps? Ha ha. :)

    I don't know...your handwriting with your finger on an app is better than my handwriting on paper on with my phone's stylus! :D

    The pigtails suit you; I like that hairstyle and think it's a shame it's not more common.

    1. Yep, those are peeps!

      I used to wear my hair all the time in pigtails in high school. Some people would make perverted comments about them. :( In the US, pigtails are looked at as either childish or hillbillyish, I guess that's common elsewhere too. I personally love them.