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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thankful Thursday 3/31

It's the last Thursday of the month of March and it's hard to believe tomorrow is April 1st! April Fool's Day, the beginning of National Poetry Write Month (which I'll be participating in so I can finish my poetry book), and a busy Spring month. However, I want to take a moment to reflect on all that I am thankful for this week. Since I shared a song last week, I was thinking of other thankful songs. Although I never liked Dido, I did like her duet with Eminem. I remember she used the chorus for her song "Thank You" and that's what I immediately thought of for Thankful Thursday:

But, I wanted to Google other thankful songs since I'm not a big Dido fan. Here are two songs I love (one on my iPod and it didn't even hit me) and one that brings back good memories of watching the TV show with Nan.

Of course, I can also add this Ice Cube song! Yesterday when dad was picking me up from my second job, the library, he left the hip hop station on for me. I said, "ICE CUBE!" He laughed and said, "I left the station on for you. I've been listening to this station off and on for the day and they're playing a lot of music from Compton." I am thankful that dad still takes me places and lets me control the radio when it's just the two of us. When we are driving, it's between heavy metal and rap. Yes, he likes those genres too. :) I'm thankful for all that dad does.

On April 16 I will be seeing Underoath with Christina! She had an extra ticket and I'm going to see the concert with her. I remember listening to Underoath in high school and enjoying the band. I can't wait to see Christina, though, it's been two and a half years since we last hung out. It's been a long time! I'm super excited and thankful for this opportunity. I am thankful about seeing her again.

Next week is my Toronto trip and I leave from Philadelphia at 9 AM. Dad's one co-worker runs a shuttle service on the side and he will be taking me to the airport at 5:30 AM. I only have to treat him to breakfast. I am thankful that dad's coworker offered and is willing. This is a weight off of my shoulders. I'm super excited for the Toronto trip in general too.

I'll be bringing my DSLR camera and I will also be bringing my Polaroid mini camera. One of my coworkers at the full time job has a 6 year old daughter who loves art. I was telling her about the Polaroid mini and she thought that would be perfect for her daughter. She looked on Amazon and saw a filter, album, film, and hanger kit for $30. I was stunned because the filters alone go for that at Urban Outfitters. I ordered the kit for myself for the trip and had it delivered to myself at work. When I picked up the package from the mailroom, I had to pick up boxes for my projects for the company. One of the mail clerks helped me carry the boxes upstairs since I had my hands full with my Amazon box. I am thankful that he helped me.

Today that co-worker and my two other co-workers ordered pizza for lunch. I did pack my lunch, but I knew half of a hamburger wouldn't be enough, so I said yes when they asked if I wanted to order pizza with them. They know I don't eat pork and follow a Halal/Kosher diet and they said, "we'll get half meat lover and half cheese since we know you can't have the meats." When the pizza came, we each could have two slices. One of the cheese slices was touching the pork meat slices and one of my coworkers took that slice so I could avoid it. I feel thankful about this. It might not seem like a big deal, but I am grateful. They're a few of the nice people at work.

I'm also thankful for the beauty of the moon this morning:

Also, my fourth article was published today. Best Restaurants in Baltimore. I'll be writing an article with recipes this weekend. I am thankful for these opportunities.

What are you thankful for today?

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