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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Shopping Day Yesterday / 17 Days Until Toronto

Yesterday I decided to take the Rambler to the mall to use the $88 I had in Nordstrom notes and the $20 off coupon mom gave me for DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse). Usually I buy only a select few items from Nordstroms (because they are the only place to carry my size) and I find them to be very expensive for other things I can buy elsewhere. However, since they were giving me money to shop, I decided to take them up on the offer and started looking for an outfit to Toronto.

I spent an hour in Nordstroms just looking around at different clothes. A sales clerk saw me walking around and approached me to see if she could help me find something. I told her I was looking at this outfit made by Free People and I inquired about if they are cut small for size. She told me they are actually cut big and a large may be a medium in their clothes. I picked up the one outfit, she put it into a dressing room for me and I began to look around some more.

I found a shirt on sale for $12 in the Top Shop, which the clerk explained to me is the British section - all of the clothes are imported from the UK and since they are imported from the UK, they are cut smaller. The clerk mentioned that they were running a promotion on jeans; I decided to look at jeans as well. I found a pair of black ripped jeans in my size and put them with the top I picked out. I headed to the dressing room to try on the outfits.

I tried on the Top Shop shirt and ripped jeans first:

The shirt was a size 12 and it was too small for my liking. I decided I wouldn't get the shirt. I really liked how the pants fit, so I put them in the "want" pile.

Next was the smock dress from Free People:

I usually don't take pictures of me in outfits I don't buy, but I thought this outfit was neat. However, it was very complicated to put on. It was pretty much a romper with the smock covering the front. But, the smock didn't detach and the chest area that would be covered by the smock was very low cut. I got tangled as I put the outfit on. While I did like the style, it was too complicated to wear and well, it was $168. I didn't want to put money on my Nordstrom card because I save that card for the things I need. I also can't justify spending $168 for an outfit - that's way TOO EXPENSIVE for me.

I only bought the jeans and have $13 left in Nordstrom cash. I will put that $13 towards the things I need and use the Nordstrom card for the difference.

I then went to DSW to look at sandals (for work) and Chuck Taylors. I didn't like the sandals DSW had because the non-thong sandals were either very high heeled or very flat. I want something with a little wedge, so I decided I would look elsewhere soon. I tried on a pair of Chuck Taylors next and I was so happy they had my size! I had a pair of baby blue Chuck Taylors in 2003 and as I was trying on the black pair yesterday, I reminisced. A teenager was trying on a pair of white Chuck Taylors and I said to her, "Ah, yes, I remember getting my first pair of these shoes when I was your age. They are comfortable and I was surprised they let me wear my Chuck Taylors to gym." The girl and her mother laughed. I was that girl yesterday, yes, but I bought a pair of black Chuck Taylors that I will wear to Toronto and around here.

Tomorrow after I am done work I am going to go to Michaels Craft Store and buy a blue t-shirt and shirt paint. I have decided I am going to make a Toronto Blue Jays shirt for the game I am seeing on April 8. I made a Brewers shirt in 2012 for the Brewers game:

And I also made a Packers shirt in 2011 that I wore to the 2012 Packers season training:

I think next weekend I will start placing outfits I am going to wear. I think those black ripped jeans will go with a Blue Jays t-shirt, but I will be packing jeans and a pair of black pants. I will pack two t-shirts and a nice blouse.

I want to wear this blouse that I am pictured wearing at the Philadelphia Museum of Art to go to The Sultan's Tent on Saturday night.They offer belly dancing, which I haven't done in years. It looks like I have to make reservations, so I will e-mail them.

On Thursday night I plan on going to this seafood restaurant because it looks so good. I still have to see what kind of restaurants are near where the Toronto Blue Jays play - that game is at 7 PM on Friday. My ticket should be coming this week as well. I'm really looking forward to my trip. I don't really have a lot planned - I plan on working on my book on Thursday and Saturday nights back in my room with the fireplace lit. I really want to get this book released by the end of May.

I think I also might pack my Acrassicauda shirt. I don't wear it as often as I'd like because I worry about others. Acrassicauda is playing next Friday in Hoboken (New Jersey) and as much as I would love to see them, I am not too familiar with Hoboken. I get done work at 3:30 PM and taking a train to Hoboken would probably get me there around the time the show would start. I have no idea how much staying there would be and well, I've heard Hoboken is rough. I decided that I will just wait until they are closer. They posted yesterday they want ideas as where to perform next. It would be awesome if they played in Toronto when I was there, but they're not. One of these days.


  1. I like the black Chuck Taylors. They'll look good with the jeans. You were right to reject the top and the "romper" thing. I don't like any clothes that are complicated, and that is way too much money. When I lived near Seattle, we had a Nordstroms. I loved it. Twice a year they had huge sales with great prices. I have no idea if they do that now. It was a long time ago. We have a Nordstroms in Jacksonville now, but I haven't been there. I don't like to go shopping, and I especially don't like to go to the big shopping center with the Nordstroms. It takes forever to find things there.


    1. Hi Janie,

      Thank you! I agree and I bought a black t-shirt today that I will design for the Blue Jays game. When I design it, I will post it. Maybe I'll post the whole outfit together. ^_^

      They did have sales racks, but nothing I would wear was on the sales rack. Though, even most of the sales rack was very expensive. I agree, though, I HATE shopping and Nordstroms took me forever to get through. However, I have to try on clothes before I buy them and sometimes I have to go shopping. :(