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Monday, March 21, 2016

Mother's Day at the Philadelphia Museum of Art / Poetry

Today when I came home, I had a member's calendar for April/May from the Philadelphia Museum of Art waiting for me. I looked at the scheduled events for Art After 5 and noticed that on May 8 the Philadelphia Museum of Art is having a Mother's Day Brunch. I made reservations for mom and I. The Brunch will be held at the Granite Hill restaurant and it's really good. I also noticed this photo for mother's day, which I want to see when we go to the museum for Mother's Day: A Cat and Three Kittens. It's funny, every time I've walked through the European Collection, I never noticed this piece! I look forward to seeing it as we both love cats.


I'm still working on my poetry book. I've decided to include poetry I've written in my very painful moments after things happened in November 2013. I've decided to add "The Moving to Detroit" poetry too. As this book is about traveling and journeys, I thought these poems would be perfect for that to show how I've changed in the course of my journeys.

Relocation Dream Sequence

Ice Outlined Brandywine
Jessica Marie

The fragile ice outlines the banks of the Brandywine,
a fear all week that Brandywine Creek would freeze.
Yet, the course is easier this year—
a rip-tide, ironically from the melting of ice, 
the source of my distress and fear has been eliminated.
I plunge in, 35 degree waters, splash around me,
my legs and toes, frozen, I can’t feel the rocks below me;
dunking my head in the murky water,
coldness rushes around my nine ear and nose piercings
and the current plays with my brown, silky hair.
Silence. The racing and screaming of other plungers stop—
I don’t make it to the booty, the precious gold,
but that’s okay, I’ve reached the goal that I have planned,
I don’t want to get out, I splash around;
thinking about the fun of the day, becoming semi-finalist—
to think I’ll be taking the plunge in life in three months
when I embark on a new journey—navigating Eight Mile
and finding Grand Blvd with the Motown Museum,
or watching the Detroit Tigers and Max Scherzer
or going to see and meet Twiztid and Monoxide, my love.
Yet, whatever the currents of life throws at me,
Brandywine Creek and the polar plunge of 2014 remind me
that I can navigate the tides and be victorious in the waves.

I took this picture when I was arriving into Detroit via bus. I was hoping to go to Windsor, ON. I didn't have the time, but I will be going to Canada for the first time in two weeks. It took two years, but finally will be seeing it!

With that said, I am going to finish watching Antiques Roadshow and write more poetry.


  1. What amazing writing, Jessica! :=) looking forward to seeing more of your poetry

    1. Thank you! I will be posting when this book gets self-published - I will be keeping everyone in the loop! :)